PAS Cultural Artistic institute was founded in June 1999 as the center of all kinds of cultural and artistic activities in Iran., PAS has the official permission from cultural ministry of Iran to do every kinds of cultural artistic activities.
PAS institute has been founded by engineer Hossein Karimi, Shahla Shoaei and Dr. Tahereh Mokhtari. Recently Dr. Sarah Karimi has been joined to the institute as deputy board of directors.
Mission Statement PAS institute aims to do activities such Cultural, Artistic and Architectural lecture, seminar, workshop, training, publication, exhibition, Concerts Movie making and…in order to improve public awareness and cultural international interaction. One of the main additional activities of PAS institute in last years was foundation of Fanoos touristic complex with all related permissions from the Iranian ministries which is ready to construct. It located between Caspia sea and Sisangan jungle. 
PAS institute is also collaborating with unit of research of Sapienza university of Rome. Through this collaboration, they do international activities such workshop and lecture in Italy and Iran.